Welcome to the new online home of the Louisville Economic Chamber of Commerce

On the move for business and community Serving the Eastern Sector of Louisville and Jefferson County such as Lyndon, Middletown, Anchorage and Prospect

The Louisville Economic Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, agricultural, industrial, cultural and civil interests of Louisville, Jefferson County, and its trade area.

To encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses while giving all proper assistance to any new businesses or individuals seeking to locate in the Louisville, Jefferson County Area.

To support all those activities believed to be beneficial to the community and area, and to oppose any which might be detrimental.

And in General to promote the welfare of all area citizens and businesses, following always those policies intended to accomplish the greatest good for the greatest number.


Looking forward to this week's luncheon and special guest speaker Grady Throneberry!...
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